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Mix-Stir, plastic, 24" length

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The Mix-Stir

The mix-stir is an effective de-gassing and mixing device for brewing at home or on the premises. 

The function of the mix-stir is to remove excess carbon dioxide (CO2) trapped within fermented wine. This ensures superior product quality.

Our mix-stir is 24" long. This is longer than other manufacturers' 18" models. The extra length is perfect for large primary fermenters, barrels, as well as glass and plastic carboys.

Instructions for Use

  1. Insert the metallic top of the mix-stir rod into the drill and securely tighten.
  2. Remove the bung and airlock from the carboy and place the mix-stir rod into it.
  3. Set the drill on a low forward setting. Less than 1200 RPM.
  4. Agitate the wine or beer for 10 seconds. Then, pause to allow the foam to settle. Lift the rod to facilitate the escape of gas. Repeat the process two or three times.
  5. Remove the mix-stir from the drill, clean, and dry.