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Patagonia Perla Negra (Black Pearl Malt) 340L
Patagonia Perla Negra (Black Pearl Malt) 340L

Patagonia Perla Negra (Black Pearl Malt) 340L

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Malt Type: Roasted
Grain Origin: Chile
Wort Color: 300-380 °Lovibond (800-1010 EBC)
Protein: 12.5% max.
Moisture: 5% max.
Extract (dry): 65.0% min.
Diastatic Power: 0 °Lintner
Usage: 15% max.

Patagonia Perla Negra 340L, or "Black Pearl 340L", is a Chilean, 100% de-husked roasted malt that is lighter in color than most chocolate or black malts. The delicate roasting produces flavors of chocolate, coffee, and nuts. Through a specialized process, the husk is completely removed and the grain gently roasted to develop flavors and aromas with less bitterness and astringency. And because much of the bitterness and astringency of roasted malts resides in the husk, Perla Negra 340L is smooth and rich, lacking the harsh flavors of black malt or roasted barley. It is suitable for use in any dark beers, but is especially useful in styles were malt-based bitterness is not desired, like Bocks, Porters, dark Märzens, and Black IPAs.


  • Low roast taste with mild bitterness
  • Mellow chocolate notes mixed with coffee and nuts
  • Free from intense acrid flavor, phenolic, bitterness and astringency typical of toasted barley


  • Dark beers
  • Stout like beers
  • Bock like beers
  • Oktoberfest Märzen
  • Black IPA