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SAFBREW T-58 Dry Yeast, 11.5 g

SAFBREW T-58 Dry Yeast, 11.5 g

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A specialty ale yeast known for its estery, somewhat peppery and spicy flavor profile. This yeast forms a solid sediment at the end of secondary fermentation, and is therefore widely used for bottle and cask conditioning. Able to tolerate high alcohol conditions up to 11.5%

Properties: A specialty yeast selected for its estery somewhat peppery and spicy flavour development.

Sedimentation: Medium

Final gravity: High

Also recommended for bottle-conditioning of beers.

Excellent performance in beers with alcohol contents of up to 8.5% v/v but can ferment up to 11.5% v/v. Recommended fermentation temperature: 15C – 24C (59-75F)