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The Joy of Home Winemaking
The Joy of Home Winemaking

The Joy of Home Winemaking

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A comprehensive guide and information to go from casual winemaker to expert home vintner.

The Joy of Home Winemaking is your comprehensive guide to:

  • the most up-to-date techniques and equipment
  • readily available and affordable ingredients and materials
  • aging, bottling, racking, blending, and experimenting

The Joy of Home Winemaking also provides:

  • dozens of original recipes for freat-tasting fruit wines, spice wines, herb wines, sparkling wines, sherries, liqueurs...even homemade soda pop!
  • a sparkling brief history of winemaking
  • helpful illustrations and glossary
  • an extensive mail-order resource section

Whether you prefer your wine dry or slightly sweet, THE JOY OF HOME WINEMAKING has all the information you need to go from casual connoisseur to expert home vinter in no time.

By Terry Garey. 274 pages.