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Weyermann CaraHell (light crystal 15L), bulk

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Weyermann ® Cara Hell ® (light crystal) Priced by the pound from our bulk bins! EBC: 20-30 Lovibond: 8.1-11.8 Usage: to 30% Moisture: 6.5 - 7.5% Total Nitrogen: 10.5 - 12.5% Extract% (dry basis): 74 - 79 Soluble Nitrogen Ratio: N/A Usage "Hefe-Weizen" Pale Ale Golden Ale October Beer Nourishing Beer "Maibock" "Schankbier" Light Beer Alcohol-Reduced Beer Non-Alcoholic Beer Result Fuller Body Improved Aroma Good Effect on Beer Foam Full, Round Flavor Deep, Saturated Color